Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

an action/adventure game with a unique survival twist.

You play as Lathe, a teenage woodling and an avid inventor. During your adventure you are accompanied by a stone giant named Roguard. Together you must fight back a horde of wooden zombies, better known as “The Deadwood” and stop their curse from spreading through the land of Knottington.

A game by Steamroller Studios.

Scavenge, Secure, Survive

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is about scavenging for materials, securing by day, and surviving the night. 

Scavenge – Search buildings and foliage for materials. Breakdown certain items for resources. Explore areas for amber modifiers.

Secure – Build barricades, traps, landmines, and decoys to help hold down the fort and plan for the night’s attack. Also fortify/repair existing structures during attacks as zombies wear them down.

Survive – Omni-directional top-down shooting mechanics. The deadwood take effort and strategy to kill, so be careful…there’s a lot of them.

Here are some other core features Deadwood offers to the player.

  • Zelda meets Don’t Starve.
  • Story driven narrative.
  • Crafting and modifier system.
  • Entertaining, cartoony animation.
  • Art Driven World.
  • Scavenge for resources.
  • Platforms – PC, Linux, and Mac.
  • Blend of adventuring and survival.
  • Fun and quirky characters.


Explore and uncover the mystery as you play Lathe, a young woodling and avid inventor, through the pleasant town of Knottington where he must protect the woodlings from a swarm of wooden zombies called “Deadwood.”  Lathe quickly learns how to craft defenses and turrets to fight against the deadwood as they rise from their sleep.


This deadwood infestation cannot be stopped by Lathe alone. Who would a true hero be without his rock solid companion. Roguard, made of solid stone… with the occasional happenings of catching zzzs at the worst of times, is one of true loyalty. A creature double in size with the ability to smash most things under his finger, is but a lovable character with a big heart captured by life’s simple beauty.